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1. Video Production

To sum it up, we tell stories. We create and produce videos that engage, motivate and inspire. We work with our clients to develop a creative strategy, form a cinematic experience and discover your unique story.

Broadcast and Internet

  • Viral Videos
  • TV Commercials
  • Brand Films

Corporate Communications – Adverting and Marketing

  • Marketing and Promotional Videos
  • Training and Instructional Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Video Tours
  • Trade Show Videos
  • Product Demonstrations

Education and Training

  • Video Training
  • Situational Vignettes
  • Fund-Raising Videos
  • Event Promotional Videos
  • Recruitment Videos


  • Documentaries
  • Special Interest Videos
  • Sales Presentations


  • Event Promotional Videos
  • Fund-Raising Videos
  • Recruitment Videos

2. Aerial

If it's not enough to tell your story from the ground, we'll shoot it from the sky. We offer a wide variety of aerial HD digital video and photography services for business, media, inspection and web site applications. We fly remote controlled (RC) helicopters that offer a creative aerial view that is unique, dynamic and cost effective. Our aerial capabilities provide a visual perspective that is impossible to capture using other imaging methods.

We utilize state-of-the-art remote control (RC) helicopters and digital camera equipment to capture the finest images at the most competitive prices. Our helicopters are fitted for high quality digital photography and true HD video in 1080P as well as 2.5k.

Our custom made Heli-cam provides HD aerial footage for applications including:

  • Hotels, Tourism: Resort hotels, golf courses or leisure parks can be dramatically portrayed with the addition of stunning aerial video and photography for use in websites and promotional materials
  • Real estate: Capture stunning images that highlight the excellence of your subject properties and marketing materials.
  • Construction Sites, Buildings industrial inspection: Monitor construction site progress and perform low altitude inspection of lands and equipment such as wind turbines, oil refineries and petro/chemical operations.
  • Fashion shooting: Are you trying to discover new perspectives? With different aerial angles, achieve stunning images with an outstanding and compelling visual aspect!
  • Live Events: Sporting and other events are applications that lend themselves to aerial imaging where spectacular visuals are only available via aerial imaging.
  • Feature/independent film, TV, Commercial applications: We are available to meet your needs for virtually any aerial challenge for all media purposes.

  • Our Helicopters

    Our RC “Helicams” are designed for low altitude flight (100-500 ft) and can access areas where full-sized aircraft are limited and expensive. This means you and/or your clients can obtain dramatic aerial images for a fraction of the cost of alternative aerial options.

    Because the needs of clients are diverse, our aerial equipment provides a wide range of altitude, vantage points and capabilities. We fly remotely piloted helicopters specifically appropriate for special low altitude work - ideal for both panoramic and wide scope visuals to very small targets in high definition detail and close-up perspective. Our custom designed RC Heli-cams can hover accurately on specific locations capturing beautiful images from a variety of aerial perspectives or provide sweeping chase shots tracking moving objects over land and water.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Are there different pricing schedules for different RC helicopters?
    A: Yes. A fully detailed pricing sheet is available by contacting us.

    Q: How many helicopters do you have?
    A: We have designed and built several helicopters to meet specific applications to accommodate unique video and photography equipment. We have RC helicopters for exterior use and smaller “hexicipters” used for interior applications.

    Q: Do you also fly full sized manned helicopter for aerial photography and video?
    A: No. We only operate RC helicopters.

    Q. Do you offer in house video and photo editing?
    A. Yes. We offer our customers a full complement of services for both aerial video and standard video production. We offer services to meet the needs and budgets of our customers. We can simply supply the “rough footage” only for your use or provide the final edited video for your application. Our corporate website details our full line of services.

    Q: How high can the remote helicopter fly?
    A: For safety reasons our flight ceiling is about 500 feet. FAA regulations typically prevent RC helicopter flight above the 500 Foot altitude without specific permission.

    Q: What kind of cameras do you use?
    A: List brief list here

    Q: Does weather affect your ability to fly the RC helicopter?
    A: Yes. Inclement weather and high wind conditions may prevent or delay a scheduled shoot, however we are happy to reschedule a project to another day at no extra charge.

    Q: Is the remote helicopter gas or battery powered?
    A: Our RC helicopters are eco-friendly, powered by electric batteries. Our flight duration is about 10-15 minutes before a change of batteries is required.

    Q. Is the final video footage smooth?
    A. Yes. Our final video product will be smooth with no vibrations (see examples)

    Q. Do you have insurance coverage?
    A: Yes. Third party liability personal and property.

    Q: Can you fly indoors?
    A: Yes we can fly indoors provided there is enough room for safe operation.

    Q: Can you operate at night?
    A: Yes. We can fly at any time, day or night.

    Q: How close can you fly to subjects (ie: for industrial inspection)?
    A: We can operate safely about 5-10 feet from the subject depending on wind conditions. However, we operate HD cameras that can produce zoom images to within inches of the target.

    Q: Can we see video footage in real time?
    A: Yes. We can provide a down-link video monitor on the ground for real time image review.

    Q: Can you provide chase shots?
    A: Yes. We can follow a moving vehicle (car or boat) where the RC pilot controls the helicopter following the subject (see example). We also can employ a “cable cam” operation that provides a unique eye level “chase” view (see example).

    Q: Are any permits required for flying an RC helicopter?
    A: No special permits are required for RC helicopter operation if the shoot takes place on private property. Some applications require a permit for RC helicopter flights and we are happy to coordinate the approval process if required.

    Q: How far will you travel to a shoot location?
    A: We are available to travel anywhere in the US or Canada

    Q: How long in advance do I need to book an aerial shoot?
    A: Depending on our schedule, we can typically schedule within a two week window from the initial request.

    Q: What are the financial terms?
    A: A fully detailed cost structure is agreed upon prior to scheduling the shoot. Payment terms are 50% upon agreement and 50% upon delivery.


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YBV is a team of creative video professionals that want to tell your story. We want to make your ideas visual and take your message to the next level.

Simply put, YBV creates a visual solution to your communication challenges.




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